By: Tom Bigford and Mo Lynch

TCS has run its Annual Giving Campaign since 2012, and is now considering a shift from an end-of-the-calendar-year event to a continuous opportunity. The idea has been under consideration since this past Valentine’s Day when we announced our “I Love/Heart the Coast” effort.  Additional inspiration was provided by the family of Mo Lynch, our current Treasurer, a very long-time TCS member (since 1976, perhaps the longest membership streak of anyone), a past TCS President, the program lead for TCS16 in 1998 in his hometown of Williamsburg, Virginia, and an extremely fine gentleman and professional friend to many.

Mo Lynch, a pioneer of ocean leadership–then, now, and always

“…an extremely fine gentleman and professional friend to many.”

His family recognized his good deeds and commitment to TCS, so when his 80th birthday approached during our 2015 Annual Giving Campaign, siblings and others sent a flurry of donations to TCS in his name.  At last count, TCS had received eight generous donations based on multiples of Mo’s age, all now destined for a good cause. Once again, Mo has provided leadership. Let us all live to 100 and have family members so inclined to donate to our Society!

Mo, Sister, and Brother
Mo Lynch (left) with his sister and brother