History of The Coastal Society

The Coastal Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1975 to provide an interdisciplinary forum for information exchange on coastal issues. The charter members included state, federal, academic, and private sector leaders in coastal issues that spanned the sciences and policy. Over the past 49 years, TCS has retained that breadth and continues to serve as an effective platform for informed debate on the most vexing coastal issues. It is a fitting tribute to the Society’s founders that the initial objectives have been retained over the years. Today the Coastal Society has an established role in addressing emerging coastal issues through its communication activities and professional networking options.

The Society is perhaps best known for keeping its members, and the broader coastal community well informed about important coastal issues. Since 1976, TCS has published the TCS Bulletin , a newsletter for members with news about coastal issues and a calendar of key coastal events. The Society also organized one of the longest running series of coastal conferences in the world. Beginning with the first conference in 1975, TCS organized 23 international conferences for coastal enthusiasts focused on the key issues of the day.

As the only member organization focused on coastal issues, The Coastal Society has preeminent status among professionals and interested citizens. Its workable size, welcoming nature, and broad interests offer opportunities for personal growth and learning that are unparalleled in other environmental organizations. The past nearly four decades confirm that TCS has established a special coastal niche that will serve members and the public well for many more decades.