University of North Carolina – Wilmington

University of North Carolina, Wilmington Chapter of The Coastal Society


The UNCW Chapter is organized for the educational purposes of: promoting knowledge, understanding, and wise use of coastal environments; fostering interdisciplinary cooperation and communication among professionals, interest groups, and individuals concerning coastal environments; encouraging wise use of coastal resources consistent with the dynamic natural processes of coastal environments; and providing public information on the importance of effective research and management programs. The UNCW Chapter aims to provide a meaningful forum for interaction between professionals and students. This shall be accomplished by hosting guest speakers selected from local, state, and national environmental professionals, and events such as beach sweeps and environmental/coastal movie screenings. The UNCW Chapter will partner with other organizations with a similar mission.


President: Kaitlyn Wilson

Vice President: Anika Pruim

Treasurer: Sam Boyce

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Biddle

News and Events

M.S. in Coastal and Ocean Policy program at UNCW

The Masters of Coastal and Ocean Policy (MCOP) is an interdisciplinary degree program intended to serve students interested in policy work (e.g. planners, regulators, non-governmental organizations) with a highly technical component specifically, in the area of coastal and ocean issues.  The mission of the program is to provide students with the skills and training to apply scientific concepts in the formation and implementation of policy to address coastal and ocean issues. North Carolina’s unique heritage, political context, and geological landscape places it at the forefront of national and international policy efforts to address a range of coastal and ocean issues.  UNCW is uniquely suited to deliver the MCOP program because of its location on the coast, range of faculty research expertise, and the state’s active engagement with coastal and ocean issues. Click here to apply now.

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MS in Environmental Studies program at UNCW

The Masters of Environmental Science is an exciting, interdisciplinary curriculum focusing on linking classroom experience with hands-on fieldwork, and culminating in a semester-long internship with an environmentally related organization (no thesis required). Our program is both challenging and rewarding, with a high degree of collegiality among students and faculty. MS concentrations are available in Coastal Management, Environmental Conservation and Management, Marine and Coastal Education, and Environmental Education and Interpretation. An Individualized Concentration is also available for those who wish to design their own curriculum in conjunction with faculty. Click here to apply now.

DUAL MASTERS PROGRAM in Env Studies-Public Admin

In 2018, the University of North Carolina Wilmington established a new dual degree program – Master of Science in Environmental Studies and Master of Public Administration program. This is the first Dual Degree Program at UNCW where successful candidates can earn two degrees in three years as opposed to four years if enrolled separately. Students seeking admission to the dual M.S. EVS/M.P.A. degree program must complete an application for admission to both programs. Students must be successfully admitted to both degree programs, in accordance with their individual standards and requirements. Click here to apply now.