Welcome to The Coastal Society!

Welcome to The Coastal Society! Join forces with your colleagues in an international society that addresses technical, policy, educational, and management issues that relate to coastal areas. The heart of the mission of The Coastal Society (TCS) is to foster dialogue, forge partnerships, and promote communication and education around these issues.

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With great appreciation the TCS Board of Directors thanks outgoing TCS Directors Jeff Flood, Ashley Gordon, and Adrian Laufer who are rotating off the TCS Board. They have contributed enormously to the success of the MAD Workshops, the Coastal Connections webinar series, and to the relaunch of in-person regional meetings around issues of importance.

TCS welcomes three newly elected Directors, Rick DeVoe, Circe Gonzalez, and Riley Lewis. Read about them here: Board of Directors


Did You Know?

…Regular Membership and New Professional Members in The Coastal Society includes a subscription to Coastal Management, the international journal of marine environment, resources, law and society?

…The Coastal Society has a distinguished history and organized one of the longest running series of coastal conferences in the world? It is restarting its in person events on a regional basis.

…The Coastal Society has student chapters at East Carolina University,  University of North Carolina-Wilmington, and the University of Rhode Island?

…Membership in The Coastal Society will benefit you and the coastal resources you cherish?


The Coastal Society Mission

The Coastal Society is an organization of private sector, academic, and government professionals and students. The Society is dedicated to actively addressing emerging coastal issues by fostering dialogue, forging partnerships and promoting communications and education.

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The Coastal Society Organization


Coastal News from the Field: Recent Developments on Decision Support Tools for Habitat Restoration Management

By Ellis Kalaidjian In today’s era of heightened environmental awareness and the urgent need for sustainable practices, habitat restoration management tools play a pivotal role in guiding conservation efforts and ecosystem revitalization. One such tool is the habitat suitability index (HSI), which offers a structured approach to assess the viability of habitats and make informed …

TCS Professional Spotlight Sessions in 2023: Two More Members Who Light the Way

By Steven MacLeod and Ashley Gordon The Coastal Society hosted two Professional Spotlight sessions in 2023, featuring seasoned TCS professionals who discuss their career paths and provide career tips to students and young professional members. The Professional Spotlight sessions are TCS member-focused events that are part of the Coastal Connections web conferencing series. The video …

TCS Hosts Forum on Priority Issues in North Carolina with UNC Wilmington and North Carolina Sea Grant

By Ellis Kalaidjian The North Carolina coastline is a treasure trove of natural beauty and biodiversity. However, with this beauty comes a complex tapestry of coastal issues that are ever-evolving. From the threat of rising sea levels and intensifying storms to the delicate balance of preserving ecosystems while accommodating human activities, the coastal region of …


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The Coastal Society
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The Coastal Society
55 Winster Fax
Williamsburg, VA 23185