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The Coastal Society at OSU is a place where students who love the coast can come together to form a community. We are graduate and undergraduate students who seek to enhance the health of coastal ecosystems through action, dialogue, communication, and education. We aim to increase public understanding of coastal issues through hosting educational talks and networking events, and organizing coastal clean ups. We will also be stewards of the coast by partnering with coastal organizations to take part in the Coast Watch program. We are always looking for new opportunities to fulfill our mission. If you have an idea of a workshop, activity, or fund raising event, please contact us and we will consider your proposal.


President: Chelsea Duke (dukec@onid.oregonstate.edu)
Vice President: Ciera Edison (edisonc@oregonstate.edu)
Secretary: Ashley Yarbrough (alyarbro84@gmail.com)
Treasurer: David Hessler (djh0775@gmail.com)

Faculty Advisor: Michael Harte (mharte@coas.oregonstate.edu)

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