TCS accepting submissions for new Storm Stories series

TCS is accepting submissions for new Storm Stories Series.

Hello TCS members! We want to hear from you. Due to recent hazards events, Hurricane Matthew and the Baton Rouge Flooding, we want to know how it is affecting you personally and in your work. There’s been lots of attention by national media outlets like NPR story Hurricane Matthew Took a Big Bite Out of Southeastern States’ Beaches but since we are a society of coastal professionals for coastal professions we think we should do our own reporting. Sharing experiences and lessons within our network is what we do best.

How did you and your family fair during the event? What is your opinion regarding local beach protections? How did local restoration and living shorelines projects hold up to storm surges? How are the local coastal managers handling and assessing the damages? Why do you think some areas were flooded easier than the town next door? How have community members been rising up to help one another? What do you need help with or resources needed to fix the damages? How have local narratives and language about climate change or resilience changed from before the storm to after?

We are looking for opinion pieces/perspective articles from you. Could be as short as 200 word experiences, 500 word editorials, or up to 1,000 word feature articles. Tell fellow coastal specialists about what you and your team are doing to prepare for future events or help those in your community still feeling hazardous effects. Maybe words just won’t cover what you have been through – comics, photo essays and video stories are also welcome!

Blurbs, editorials, articles, comics, photo essays, and videos will be published on The Coastal Society Blog (formerly the TCS Bulletin published since 1976) and emailed out to members in a special TCS Storm Stories digest. Please email your submissions to TCS Communications Chair Kasey Jacobs.

TCS President,

Matt Nixon



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