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Photo: View of Knik Arm and Downtown Anchorage from Earthquake Park, Anchorage, Alaska (USA). Courtesy of TCS Member

Past Conferences: Locations and Proceedings

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Conference Locations and Dates

24. Inspiring Action, Creating Resilience.
National Harbor, MD, November 1-6, 2014.

23. Our Coasts, Our Hertiage: Ecosystem Services for the Common Good.
Miami, Florida, June 3 - 6, 2012.

22. Shifting Shorelines: Adapting to The Future.
Wilmington, North Carolina, June 13-16, 2010.

21. Coastal Footprints: Minimizing Human Impacts, Maximizing Stewardship.
Redondo Beach, California. June 29-July 3, 2008.

20. Charting a New Course: Shaping Solutions for the Coasts.
St. Pete Beach, FL. May 14-17, 2006.

19. Measure for Measure: How Do We Gauge Coastal Stewardship?.
Newport, Rhode Island. May 23-26, 2004.

18. Converging Currents: Science, Culture and Policy at the Coast.
Galveston, TX. May 19-22, 2002.

17. Coasts at the Millennium.
Portland, OR. July 9-12, 2000.

16. Minding the Coast: It's Everybody's Business.
Williamsburg, VA. July 12-15, 1998.

15. Seeking Balance: Conflict, Resolution, and Partnership.
Seattle, WA. July 14-17, 1996.

14. The Coast: Organizing for the Future.
Charleston, SC. April 17-21, 1994.

13. Organizing for the Coast.
Washington, DC. April 5-8, 1992.

12. Our Coastal Experience: Assessing the Past, Confronting the Future.
San Antonio, TX. October 21-24, 1990.

11. Ports and Harbors: Our Link to the Water.
Boston, MA. October 22-26, 1988.

10. Estuarine and Coastal Management: Tools of the Trade.
New Orleans, LA. October 12-15, 1986.

9. Gambling with the Shore.
Atlantic City, NJ. October 14-17, 1984.

8. Communicating Coastal Information.
Baltimore, MD. October 11-13, 1982.

7. Achievements of the '70s and Prospects for the '80s.
Galveston, TX. October 11-14, 1981.

6. Utilization of Science in the Decision-Making Process.
San Diego, CA. October 13-15, 1980.

5. Resource Allocation Issues in the Coastal Environment.
Newport, RI. November 6-8, 1979.

4. Coping with the Coast.
Burlington, Ontario. September 26-28, 1978.

3. Energy Across the Coastal Zone.
Seattle, WA. November 3-5, 1977.

2. Time-Stressed Coastal Environments: Assessment and Future Action.
New Orleans, LA. November 17-20, 1976.

1. The Present and Future of Coasts.
Arlington, VA. November 1975.