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Photo: Sydney Harbour and Skyline from Manly Beach Ferry, Sydney, NSW (Australia). Courtesy of TCS Member


Each committee's area of work is listed here: committees (pdf)

The responsibilities of committee chairs (or co-chairs) and committee members are described here: responsibilities (pdf)

Program Initiatives Committee

Focus on developing educational member programs

Co-Chairs:   Tracie Kiernan   (O) (732) 859-5296,
                     Vanessa Meer   (O) (201) 696-0564,

Communications Sub-committee

Work across committees to spread the word about TCS programs and ensure brand management. Produce publications and outreach materials

Sub-committee Chair:   Kasey Jacobs   (O) (516) 376-8791,
Members: Mary Ella Allen, Erin Bryant, Ellen Gordon, Lisa Graichen, Caitlyn Hayes, Kim Hernandez, Caitlyn McCrary (Past-Chair), Meg Reed, Abbie Sherwin

Programming Sub-commitee

Work with other committees to support and find new educational or career development activities for members

Sub-committee Chair:   Sandra Erdle   (O) (804) 684-7144,

Partnership Sub-committee

Investigate potential partnerships around programs or events

Sub-committee Chair:

Career Development Committee

Coordinate with Chapters and current members for professional growth

Co-Chairs:   Michelle Covi   (O) (757) 683-6598,
                     Claire Enterline   (O) (207) 939-3773,

New and Mid-Career Advancement Sub-committee

Determine activities and member benefits to support transitioning from various career stages

Sub-committee Chair:

University/Chapter Relations Sub-committee

Establish and maintain relationships with universities around career development activities, and establish and support TCS chapters

Sub-committee Chair:

Development Committee

Plan Annual Giving Campaign, seek new sources of funding, and support other committees with identifying funding for new programs

Co-Chairs:   Jill Meyer   (O) (703) 691-4612 X 336,
                      Tom Bigford   (O) (301) 897-8616 X 207,
Members: Communications sub-committee members rotate to serve on this committee each month