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The Coastal Society Bulletin

The Coastal Society's Bulletin was published during 1976-2014, and served as the organization's primary communication vehicle. Each issue includes articles on coastal management issues, news about the organization and student chapters, news items from around the coasts, annual TCS meetings and conferences, and reports on coastal related legal developments.

Bulletin Archive

You may view or download past issues of The Coastal Society Bulletin (1976-2014). Issues published during 2005-2014 are listed below with links to download. For earlier issues, please go to the (1976-2005 archive).






2014 Volume 36 (2) PDF (9.2 mb)
Reporting on the TCS/RAE Summit
Covi, M., Resilience Revolution
MacLeod, S., The 2014 Joint Summit: Better for the Private Sector More Ways than Two
Volume 36 (1) PDF (4.1 mb)
Summit on Inspiring Action, Creating Resilience
Interview with Tom Bigford
Smith, T. and Lee, T.,Weaving Your Coastal Network
2013 Volume 35 (2) PDF (615 k)
Gray, P.,It's Complicated: Lake Okeechobee, the Everglades,Drought, Floods, Agriculture,People and a Tale of Two Estuaries
Johnson, L. , TCS at CERF
Status and Trends of Wetlands
Volume 35 (1) PDF (487 k)
Babb-Brott, D., Implementing the National Ocean Policy
Ticco, P. C. , U.S.S. Monitor Sailors Laid to Rest
Nelsen, C. , Live Tweeting at #tcs23
2012 Volume 34 (3) PDF (546 k)
Bigford, T. E. and Padgett, R. R. , Words of Wisdom: A TCS Visionary, Our First President
Skrabal, T., North Carolina Coastal Federation Lockwoods Folly Low Impact Development (LID) Projects, Brunswick County, NC
Cafiero, L. , Three Cheers for 40 Years of the Coastal Zone Management Act
Volume 34 (2) PDF (1.5 mb)
Gordon, E., Center for American Progress Initiative: Foundations of a Blue Economy
Gordon, E., TCS 23 Opening Plenary Highlights
NOAA's Walter B. Jones Awards for Coastal and Ocean Management Excellence
Volume 34 (1) PDF (956 k)
Cicin-Sain, B. & Appiott, J., Oceans and Coasts at Rio+20
NOAA Articles, The End of Overfishing
Teneva, L., Stanford University Celebrates Sharks
2011 Volume 33 (4) PDF (849 k)
Emmett-Mattox, S., Wetlands Greenhouse Gas Offsets: A Promising Tool for Coastal Managers
Ticco, P., Climate-Smart Sanctuaries: A New Place-Based MPA Program to Study and Adapt to Climate Change Impacts
Tucker, J., TCS Receives Funding for Educational Events from Taylor & Francis Group
Volume 33 (3) PDF (849 k)
Pidgeon, E., Blue Carbon: The Critical Role of Coasts in Mitigating Climate Change
Volume 33 (2) PDF (763 K)
Sean Dixon, The 2011 Blue Vision Summit: The Seaweed Rebels Return to Washington, DC
Interview with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Climate Ready Estuaries Program
Blue Vision Panels
Volume 33 (1) PDF (918 K)
USGS web news, National Assessment of Shoreline Change
Gordon, E., High School Students Determined to Make a Difference
Ticco, P.C., Book Review
2010 Volume 32 (4) PDF (819 K)
Fletcher, K.M., National Ocean Policy Roundtable Summary
Lippiatt, S., Arthur, C., Morishige, C. & McElwee, K., Progress in Marine Debris Research and Prevention: Part II
Bigford, T., Book Review
Volume 32 (3) PDF (856 k)
Lippiatt, S., Arthur, C., Morishige, C. & McElwee, K., Progress in Marine Debris Research and Prevention: Part 1
Wieting, D., Our Coasts - The Frontline of Climate Change
Marshall, A., TCS22: A Student's Point of View
Volume 32 (2) PDF (1 mb)
Cutting, R. & Cahoon, L., If the Tide is Rising, Who Pays for the Ark?
Gordon, E., Clean Energy and a Healthy Ocean: Navigating the Future Capitol Hill Ocean Week (CHOW) 2010
Fletcher, K. M., CZMA's Unique Role in Energy Development & Spill Response
Award Winning Moments
Volume 32 (1) PDF (928 K)
Fahey, K., Tool Duo Helps Coastal Partners Tackle Flood-Related Risks
Gordon, E., Survey of Some Marine Spatial Planning Resources
Bigford, T., TCS Unwrapped: Did You Know?
2009 Volume 31 (4) PDF (832 K)
Fletcher, K.M., Toward a National Ocean Policy: A State Perspective
Portman, M., Experience from Distant Shores: Tackling CZM in the Middle East
Benoit, J., Another great year for TCS
Padgett, R., Puget Sound TCS Members Meet the King of Fish
Volume 31 (3) PDF (612 K)
Lee, T., North Carolina Reconsiders a Long Time Ban
Patrick, C., Russian-American Arctic Expedition
Benoit, J., TCS Board Hosts TCS22 Promotional Luncheon
Benoit, J., TCS Board: Looking into the Future
Volume 31 (2) PDF (635 K)
Hayes, M. & Kim, E., Law of the Sea Convention
Gordon, E., The Blue Economy: Understanding the Ocean's Role in our Nation's Financial Future CHOW 2009
A Summary of President Obama's Memorandum Establishing an Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force, Signed June 12, 2009
Tucker, J., Report from the 2009 Blue Vision Summit, March 7-10, 2009
Board Proposes Changes to TCS By-Laws
Volume 31 (1) PDF (568 K)
Cantral, L., Joint Ocean Commission Initiative Presents Recommendations on Ocean Policy Reform
Gordon, E., The Omnibus Public Lands and Ocean Act
Benoit, J., President's Message
Bigford, T., Our Coasts Have Lost a Valued Friend
2008 Volume 30 (4) PDF (5 MB)
Howell, R., Leadership, Gender, and the Future of Coastal and Ocean Management a forum organized by the Women's Aquatic Network of Washington, D.C.
Gordon, E., NOT Politics As Usual
Fletcher, K. M., If You Had Five Minutes with the President-Elect...
Jackson, E., TCS Student at RAE Conference
Volume 30 (3) PDF (2.8 MB)
Cooksey, S. & Fletcher, K., Wind Energy Caught in the Perfect Storm*
Fischer, S. & Portman, M., TCS21 Redux
Fletcher, K. M., Speaking of Leadership and the Coasts...
Award Winning Moments
Engoltz, T. & Fletcher, K. M., Leadership Questions Facing Coastal Management and TCS
Volume 30 (2) PDF (3.2 MB)
Gordon, E., Glimpses of the Ocean: Capitol Hill Oceans Week 2008
Engoltz, T., An Educational Experience at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ
TCS Coastal Resource Recovery Fund: Where Did Our Money Go?
Volume 30 (1) PDF (3.1 MB)
Hawkins, C. & Loomis, D.K., Towards an Interdisciplinary Coastal Management Agenda: Human Dimensions Offers Coastal Managers Valuable Tools
Tucker, J., Dicas, M., Kelty, R., Trappe, C., White, S., Nuggets from the Annual Ocean and Coastal Program Managers' Meeting, February 25-28, 2008, Washington, DC
Patrick, C., The Coastal Society/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Internship (TCS-NOAA)
2007 Volume 29 (4) PDF (2.4 MB)
Gordon, E., The World Can't Wait - Global Climate Change
TCS Members Speak Out
Robinson, K. S., Forty, Fifty, Sixty: A Fictional Trilogy about Global Warming
Volume 29 (3) PDF (3.6 MB)
Lynch, M. P., The International Activities of the National Estuarine Research Reserve System: A Little Known and Generally Unplanned National Asset
White, S., Preparing for the Future: The Next Generation of Coastal Managers
Ticco, P. C., Shipping Lanes Shifted to Protect Whales
Gordon, E., Graduate Scholarships
Volume 29 (2) PDF (2.2 MB)
Fletcher, K. M., Leadership Programs: Offering Depth to the Coastal Arena
Gordon, E., CHOW 2007
Patrick, C., Right-of-Way Adoption
2007 Annual Report of The Coastal Society
Volume 29 (1) PDF (4.4 MB)
de Valpine, A., Record Gold and Copper Find in Alaskan Coastal Watershed
Gordon, E., Board Meets to Discuss TCS in the 21st Century
TCS Board Member Patrick Christie Named a 2007 Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation
2006 Volume 28 (2) PDF (1.2 MB)
Congratulations to New TCS Officers & Directors!
Cuschnir, A., International Cooperation
Lew, J., When Is A Wetland Not A Wetland?
Special Edition PDF (1.2 MB)
Conference Summary: The Coastal Society's 20th International Conference, Tradewinds Resort Island Grand, St. Pete Beach, FL
Volume 28 (1) PDF (1.8 MB)
Burroughs, R., Coastal Policy And The End Of Oil
Gordon, E., Joint Ocean Commission Initiative: U.S. Ocean Policy Report Card
Applying The TCS/NOAA Internship Model

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