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Photo: Aerial view of Hollywood Beach, Hollywood, Florida (USA). Courtesy of TCS Member

The Coastal Society Bulletin Archive (1976-2005)

Here you will find copies of the the TCS Bulletin back to the initial publication in 1976. Please browse and brush up on your coastal and ocean management historical knowledge at the same time.

Bigford, J., Book Review: Nature with Children of All Ages (E.A. Sisson)





2005 Volume 27 (4) PDF (1.7 MB)
Wong, P., Post-Tsunami Challenges For CZM: Some Observations
Volume 27 (3) PDF (1.4 MB)
MacDuffee, D. & Delgado, P., LIQUIFIED NATURAL GAS: A Primer on Needs, Regulations, Environmental Implications and Trends
Lellis, K., Living Shorelines: A Technique Used To Protect, Enhance, Restore, and Create Natural Habitat for Aquatic Species Hope For The Gulf Of Mexico
TCS Members Meeting Minutes
Volume 27 (2) PDF (1.3 MB)
Fletcher, K., Emerging Coastal Management Tools: Leasing and Ownership of Submerged Lands
Kay, R., Tsunami Update: Coastal Zone Management Challenges in the Tsunami Response
Past NOAA/TCS Habitat Internship: A Remarkable and Rewarding Experience
Volume 27 (1) PDF (1.1 MB)
Hildebrand, L., Canadian Corner: Coastal & Ocean Management - Just North of Here
NOAA's EPP Scholarship Program: "Changing the Face" of NOAA Science (Adapted from NCCOS web news) 2004 Annual Report
Tsunami Update: Rebuilding Thailand's Coastal Areas
Kim Lellis, K., TCS Seminar Series: Washington, DC Metro Area
2004 Volume 26 (4) PDF (1.3 MB)
Duff, J., Salmon Aquaculture Struggles In Maine
Benoit, J., How Do Federal Agencies Disseminate Research Findings Relevant To Coastal Management?
Volume 26 (3) PDF (1.1 MB)
Duff, J., Is It Time To Zone The Ocean?
Ocean Yearbook: Volume 20 - Call for Papers and 2005 Student Paper Competition
Volume 26 (2) PDF (3.2 MB) TCS19 deemed a "hit" by participants
Another TCS grad student, another great internship opportunity!
Kelty, R., TCS19 Attendees Share Thoughts on Ocean Commission Report
NOAA/TCS Internship Established
Volume 26 (1) PDF (195 K) Duff, J., Why Isn't There a Sim Coast?
2003 Volume 25 (3-4) PDF (700 K) Busch, D.N., Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management Moves Forward
Cooper, R., Habitat Policy Internship Supplements Scientific Training (A first hand account)
Volume 25 (2) PDF (1.1 MB) Duff, J., Who owns the Seaweed?
Heimes, R., Mainer's invention designed to help whales and fishing industry
Starkhouse, B., Testing the Waters
Duff, J.A., Survey Results pave the way for TCS 19 in Newport!
Volume 25 (1) PDF (594 K) Wilhelm, I., Offshore Wind Farm Sparks Debate
Engoltz, T., Eco-Holiday Spirit in the Bayou
Tucker, J., 2002 Annual Report
2002 Volume 24 (4) PDF (95 K) Duff, J., Recording the Coast: Effort under way to photographically record the California coastline
Tucker, J., Final Report, TCS 18, May 19-22, 2002 Galveston, TX
Fullenkamp, L., Duke University Student Chapter
Gleason, K., East Carolina University
Ellis, B., University of Washington Student Chapter
Volume 24 (3) PDF (235 K) Colt, A., Coastal Management In a Security Setting
Ellis, B., Young Coastal Leaders Workshop Gets High Marks From Students
Coastal Zone Canada Issues Statement on Managing Shared Waters for the World Summit
Ellis, R.A. & Thiele, M.T., U W Chapter Up and Running
Volume 24 (2) PDF (81 K) Duff, J., Kelly Outlines US Ocean Commission Efforts Highlights role of education, need for research
Clark, W., TCS 18 Student Involvment Heralds A Bright Future
Duff, J., Fish and Wildlife Foundation Bring Students to TCS 18
Currey, S., NOAA & CZM's Personal Watercraft Management Guide
Sea Kayaking for Stewardship and Safety in the Gulf of Maine
Volume 24 (1) PDF (1.5 MB) Smith, P., The Coastal Society at 25
On the Half-Shell: Native or Foreign?
Ticco, P.C., The Introduction of Oysters into Chesapeake Bay
Nelsen, C., Surfrider Prepares State of the Beach Report
Goodwin, R., Cascadia Chapter
Latusek, J.N., Duke Student Chapter
Gleason, K., East Carolina University Student Chapter
Ellis, R.A. & Thiele, M. T., University of Washington Student Chapter
2001 Volume 23 (2) PDF (894 K) Poirer, M.R., Palazzolo v. Rhode Island: Yet Another Minor Earthquake in the Law of Regulatory Takings
John Duff, J., TCS Turns 25
Clark, W., The Quest for Ocean Policy
Guay, S., Supreme Court Settles State Border Dispute: Maine-New Hampshire Boundary Defined
Duff, J.A., Does that Beach House Come with a Vote?
Fowles, R., Everyone Deserves A Day at the Beach: Using the Public Trust Doctrine to Assure That Mobility Impaired Individuals Can Have Access to the Public Shoreline
Latus, J.N., Duke Student Chapter Looks Ahead
Ellis, R.A. & Thiele, M.T., UW Chapter News
Volume 23 (1) PDF (1595 K) Dobrzynski, T. & Nicholson, B., New Study Looks At The Socioeconomic Impacts Of Marine Reserves In The Florida Keys
Clark, W., We Are On The Move Building Strength Through Partnerships
Goodwin, R. F., Cascadia Chapter News
Carter, A., Duke University Chapter News
Status Of The Executive Order On Marine Protected Areas
Maxson, L., Sustainable Fisheries
Poirier, M. R., Hudson River Walkway Project Survives Takings Challenge, Thanks To The New Jersey Public Trust Doctrine
2000 Volume 22 (2) PDF (1892 K)
Duff, J., Forging a National Oceans Policy
S. Guay & K. Canty, A Note from Two Student Members
TCS 17 Coasts at the Millennium Summary
Bigford, T. TCS Visits with a Legend: An Interview with Barbara Fegan (Coastweeks)
Connolly, K.D. "Streamlined" Permits, Migratory Birds And Draining Ditches: Need to Amend Statuatory Wetlands Protection
Eng, M., New Coordinated Management Regime Expected for Northwestern Hawaiian Islands
Cooper, A. & H. Glish, H., Massachusetts Alliance Promotes Communities in Harmony with Nature
Coley, C.E., It's a Small World (East Africa)
Shaw, T.L. ,Beach Access and the Public Trust Doctrine Challenged in Connecticut (Leydon v. Town of Greenwich)
Volume 22 (1) PDF (7.2 MB)
Uravitch,J.A. Revitalizing the National Partnership for Coastal Zone Management
TCS Chapter Reports
TCS 17 Conference - Call for Papers
Gurish, J., The Hazards of Common Law Doctrines: A Bite (Out) of the Public Trust Doctrine
Hudson, R. & Friel, C., Florida Blueways: Mapping Out a New Future
Bookman, C. Town Meeting on America's Coastal Future: Using the Internet to Promote Coastal Stewardship
Dobrynski,T. Essential Fish Habitat Update: Progress and Available Resources
Moore,K. Hopscotch on the Coastal Career Path
Duff,J. Supreme Court Strikes Down State Tanker Law (U.S. V. Locke)
1999 Volume 21 (2) PDF (1.6 MB)
Bigford, T., The Essential Fish Habitat Provisions of the Magnuson Stevens Act
Christie, D., Beach Access and Real Life
Davis, J.B., Tortuga Working Group Gets Consensus
Bailiff, M. & Gladwin,T., Vital Signs at the close of the 20th Century
Moir, R., Reaction to Vital Signs
Hall,W. TCS as a Tool in the Transition from Student to Professional
Duff,J. Monterey must pay beach developer for restricting land use
Volume 21 (1) PDF (1 MB)
M. Bailiff, TCS to be showcased at C99
J. Tucker, TCS Retrospective
D.G. Gordon, PNCERS
H. Shapiro, An Internationally Important Tidal Wetland is Saved in Japan
J. Duff, Fish Banks Teaches Hard Lessons
1998 Volume 20 (3) PDF (1.4 MB)
Bailiff, M., TCS16 Minding the Coast President's Summary
Giattina, J.D., Protecting the Gulf of Mexico: Leadership or Crisis?
Good,B. Coast 2050 A single, strategic plan for coastal Louisiana
Stewart, K.L. Return to the Wild: The Mystery of Marine Mammal Stradings and the Cooperative Journey from Rehabilitation to Release
McGilvray,L. The Cooperative Institute for Coastal and Estuarine Environmental Technology
Volume 20 (2) PDF (1.6 MB)
Bailiff, M., TCS 16 Plenary: Minding the Coasts with Vision 20/20
Poirier, M., TCS 16 Plenary: Managing the Elizabeth River
Niebuhr, D.H., TCS16 Plenary: Education, Outreach and Public Relations in Coastal Resource Management
Maxson,L., Students and Young Professionals
Espy,L., The Charms of Tidewater, Virginia in July
Auyong,J., Multidisciplinary Projects: Challenges and Opportunities
Volume 20 (1) PDF (1.0 MB)
Baker, J., Year of the Ocean
Hollings, E.F., The Oceans Act of 1997
R. Bailey, Ten Years After: Oregon's Ocean Program
Divers, T., Florida Recognizes the International Year of the Ocean
Baird, B., California's Ocean Resources: An Agenda for the Future
Snow-Cotter, S., Binational Ocean Governance in the Gulf of Maine
Poirier, M.R., Egypt's Environmental Challenge
1997 Volume 19 (1&2) PDF (1.8 MB)
Orbach,M., TCS 15 Seeking Balance President's Summary
Goodman,S., Daniel,H.,Jaffry, S., & Seabrook,W. Using Public Surveys to Estimate the Total Economic Value of Natural Resources
1996 Volume 18 (3) PDF (1.5 MB)
Garner, D., Hurricanes and Coastal Storms: Preparing for the Worst
Volume 18 (2) PDF (1.2 MB)
The Coastal America Program, Update
McCann, J., Promoting ICRM in Quintana Roo, Mexico
Bigford,T., Book Review: Coastal Zone Management Handbook by John R. Clark
1995 Volume 17 (4) and 18(1) PDF (1.3 MB)
Maraniss,L., Coastweeks '95
The Southern Oregon Coastal Environments Learning Center
The International Countryside Stewardship Exchange
1994 Volume 17 (2) PDF (811 K)
Ocean Governance
CZM Course (USETI)
NOAA Coastal Partnership Projects
Volume 17 (3) PDF (3.7 MB)
Coastweeks '94
Dolan V. City of Tigard
Lake Gaston and Interstate Consistency
Marine Salvage in a Sanctuary
Bigford,T., Book Review: Civic Environmentalism - Alternatives to Regulation in States and Communities (Dewitt John)
Volume 17 (1) PDF (812 K)
Rudenberg, F.H., Offshore Crude Oil Terminal Plans Near Galveston Bay
1993 Volume 16 (3) PDF (818 K)
Essig, S., The National Coastal Wetlands Grant Program
Boyles, R., NOAA's Coastal Ocean Program Strong Science for Good Policy
Intercoast Network
PACON International
Volume 16 (2) PDF (824 K)
McGilvray, L., Coastal Nonpoint Program" A New Approach to Nonpoint Source POllution in Coastal Areas
NOAA Coastal Ocean Program - Cumulative Impacts Assessment
Volume 16 (1) PDF (773 K)
Public Participation in the Alaskan Oil Industry
ReefKeeper Network
The Marine Fish Conservation Network
Ocean Trust
Volume 15 (4) PDF (764 K)
Residential Sewage Woes
Great Lakes Initiative Against Contaminants
Exotic Species
Mitigation Banking
New International Coastal Policy Center
1992 Volume 15 (2&3) PDF (1.05 MB)
Wellman, K.F., Environmental Valuation Workshops
State Programs - The Year of the Gulf of Mexico
Volume 15 (1) PDF (541 K)
Supreme Court Decides Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal Council
Caribbean nations Pursue Protection of Coastal Environment
Flower Garden Banks NMS Designated
Georgia, Minnesota, Texas, and Ohio Proceed with CZM Program Development
OCRM's Coastal Zone Enhancement Grants
Coast & Estuary Management - A Need for Collaboration
Update: Hawaiian Islands NMFS
House Approves OCS Impact Assistance
EPA Outlines National Goals for New Coastal Waters Program
1991 Volume 14 (2&3) PDF (735 K)
TCS Bylaws
Essig,S., Northeast Coastal and Estuary Program USFWS
Volume 14 (1) PDF (845 K)
Garner, D. Coastal Zone 91
Legislative Update
Foster, S. The Stellwagon Bank National Marine Sanctuary
Metzner Seter, R. The Effects of Land Use Restrictions on Housing Prices in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, A Hedonic Analysis
1990 Volume 13 (4) PDF (984 K MB)
Garner, D., Coastal Zone Management Act Reauthorization
Bigford, T. Opportunities for Improved Public Use of Excessed Federal Properties
The Flower Garden Banks NMS
Essig, S. Expansion of the Coastal Barrier Resources System
Legislative Update S. 1178
Mauro,G., Texas Land Commisioner, Address to TCS International Conference
Volume 13 (3) PDF (809 K)
Statement of Policy TCS Sept 1990
T.R.E. Keeney, Reauthorization of the Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972
Magnuson, G., An Opinion: A Coastal-Ocean Congress?
Murray-Brown, M., Proposed Monterey Bay NMS
Essig, S., News from Congress and Agencies
Volume 13 (2) PDF (682 K)
Coastweeks 1990
Finch, D., Gulf of Mexico Program
Alderson, M., The Sarasota Bay Project
International Columns Revisited
Essig, S. , News from Congress and Agencies
Volume 13 (1) PDF (936 K)
Bigford, T., New Approaches to Coastal Management in the Northeast
Smith, F., Northern European Ports
The Buzzards Bay Project (National Estuary Program)
McGregor, G.I., Wetland and Floodplain Laws in the Northeast Part II State Protections
Essig, S., News from Congress and Agencies
1989 Volume 12 (4) PDF (867 K)
Davis, D., Hurricanes, Terror of the Louisiana Coast
Marine Activities in the National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges
Holman, R.E., Albermarle-Pamlico Estuarine Study
McGregor, G.I., Wetplain and Floodplain Laws in the Northeast, Part I Municipal Protection
Queen, W.H., Copeland, B.J. & Perkins, F., Estuarine Science: Involvement in Public Policy
Essig, S., News from Congress and Agencies
Rosenblatt, D.C., Coastal Rescue: Preserving our Seashores
Volume 12 (3) PDF (958K)
Crofts, M.A., Delaware Estuary, Galveston Bay
Palazzi, D.P. , Northeast Pacific Ocean Region Interstate Coastal Zone Management Plan
Williams, G.L. & Colquhoun, G.W.,North Fraser Harbour Environmental Management Plan
Essig, S. News from Congress and Agencies
Volume 12 (2) PDF (903 K)
Cape Cod Marine Water Quality Task Force, Local Efforts at Controlling Coastal Pollution
Essig, S., Undeveloped Coastal Barriers - The Final Recommendations of the U.S. Department of Interior
The Chesapeake Bay Program
Essig, S., News from Congress and Agencies
Alford, J.B., Book Review: A Citizen's Guide to Plastics in the Ocean
Volume 12 (1) PDF (802 K)
Adkins, A.T. , South Carolina's New Beachfront Legislation
Remedial Action Planning in the Great Lakes
Essig, S. , News from Congress and Agencies
Zinn, J., Book Review: Cape Cod Field Trip: From Yesterday's Glaciers to Today's Beaches
Galveston Bay
1988 Volume 11 (4) PDF (1.2 MB)
Coastweeks '88
Carter, N., Coastal Water Quality and Boat Wastes
Cottingham, D., Reducing Plastics in Coastal Waters
National Wetlands Policy Forum
Federal Flood Insurance as a Coastal Management Tool
The Narragansett Bay Project
Manizaris, C.L., & Bigford, T., Coastal Pressures from the Global Aquaculture Boom
McGilvrey,L., Local Coastal Zone Management and Oil and Gas Development: Recent Events in California
Essig, S. News from Congress and Agencies
Volume 11 (3) PDF (1.03 MB)
Crofts, M.A.,, Cleaning Up Delaware's Inland Bays
Monroe, M.W., The San Francisco Estuary Project
Parcells, S.J., Tropical Wetlands Loss and the Role of International Development Assistance Agencies
Essig,S., News from Congress and Agencies
Bigford, T., Book Review: Aquatic Resources Education Curriculum
Volume 11 (2) PDF (1.5 MB)
Hershman, M.J., Urban Ports and Harbor Management
Blair, E.A., Opportunities in the National Estuarine Reserve Research System
Baugh, T., Man and Manatee: Planning for the Future
Monahan, R. The Long Island Sound Study
McGregor, G.I., Local Environmental Law, Land Use Control, and Limits to Governmental Power - Part II
Siddon, T., Proposed Strategy for Arctic Marine Conservation
Essig, S., News from Congress and Agencies
Davis, D., Book Review: Responding to Changes in Sea Level: Engineering Implications
Volume 11 (1) PDF (1.3 MB)
Bigford, T., Management Implications of Coastal Structures Built on Pilings and Platforms
Young, C., Saving Our Bays, Sounds, and the Great Lakes
Skinnarland, K., The Puget Sound Estuary Program
McGregor, G.I., Local Environmental Law, Land Use Control, and Limits to Governmental Powers - Part I
Essig, S., Washington
Faber, P., Book Review: A Nation of Oceans
DeVoe, R., Book Review: Cities on the Beach: Management Issues of Developed Coastal Barriers
1987 Volume 10 (4) PDF (888 K)
New Jersey Wetlands Order
Maul, M.A. , Natural Resource Damage Suits Before and After SARA
Volume 10 (3) PDF (1.2 MB)
Davis, D., Louisiana's Legacy: Sea Level Rise, Subsidence, and Coastal Erosion
Weinrich, M.T., Coastal States' Column - Managing Human Impacts on Whales in Massachusetts Bay
Hall, S., The Dynamics of Mexico's Fishing Industry
Bigford, T.,Washington Column
Courtney, F., Book Review: And Two if By Sea: Fighting the Attack on America's Coast
Volume 10 (2) PDF (921 K)
Bigford, TThe Implications of Relative Sea Level Change on Coastal Decision-making
TCS 10th National Conference Summary
Volume 10 (1) PDF (1.5 MB)
Ludwig, F.M., Westway: A Case Study in Missed Opportunities
Conner, D.K., Future Directions for Seafood Quality Standards
Eichenberg, T., Legal: The Thresher Shark Case: Another Challenge to State Coastal Management Authority
Houlahan, J.M., The Nantucket Land Bank: An Alternative for Preservation of Open Space
Hershman, M.J., Book Review: Managing the Ocean: Resources, Research, Law
1986 Volume 9 (4) PDF (1.2 MB)
Laist, D.W., An Overview of Impacts Associated with Lost and Discarded Fishing Gear, Packaging Material, and Other Persistent Synthetic Materials on Living Marine Resources
Rothenberg, D.B. & Rocque, A.J., Coastal States' Column - Harbor Management: The Impetus for Action and Connecticut's Response
Cottingham, D., Washington Column
Volume 9 (3) PDF (1.2 MB)
Evans, N., Federal Consistency in Operation
Fegan, B., Coastweek '86
Hildreth, R.G., Legal Column - Intergovernmental Relations in Outer Continental Shelf Development
Cradick, J., Coastal States' Column - The Status of Management Efforts for Delaware's Inland Bays
Cottingham, D., Washington Column
Thorman, J.C., Book Review: Oil and Water
Volume 9 (2) PDF (635 K)
Bernd-Cohen, T. Citizens' Participation - All Forms, All Shapes (TCS CZ '85 Panel Session)
Zinn, J., Past Presidents of the Coastal Society - Different Views of the Changing Coastal Scene (TCS CZ '85 Panel Session)
Volume 9 (1) PDF (1.5 MB)
Clark, D., Report on Coastal Zone 85
Reay, W.G., Eighth Biennial International Estuarine Resarch Conference: An Overview
Groman, H., Wetlands of the Chesapeake Conference
Sheehy, D.J., The Application of Designed Artificial Reefs in Coastal Mitigation/Compensation and Fisheries Development Projects
K. Minsch, CZMA: The Politics of Reauthorization
Bigford, T., Legal Column: Implementing a Broad Habitat Policy
Gordon, E., Report on the First Gulf Region Coastal Management Workshop
Cottingham, D., Washington Column
1985/1984 Volume 8 (4) PDF (1.8 MB)
Cahn, P.H., NOAA Estuarine Programs Office
Coastweek '85
Audet, J.J., The Ocean Pollution Data and Information Network Attains Operational Status
Musselman, M. & West, N. , Historic Shipwrecks: A Coastal Zone Management Issue
Burbank, B. & Platt, R.H., Cities on the Beach, Conference Summary and Prospects
Rose, R.E. & Neal, V.T., Report of the 1984 Marine Affairs/Marine Resource Management Faculty Workshop (June 12-13, 1984)
Rieser, A., The Bay of Fundy Tidal Project-Legal and Institutional Options for Addressing Potential Transboundary Effects
Keeley, D.,Land Use Laws in Maine: Innovative Changes to Make them More Effective
Cottingham, D., Washington Column
Essig, R.J.,Book Review: A Guide to the Georgia Coast (G. McKee)
Volume 8 (3) PDF (1.5 MB)
Fegan, B., Coastweek '85
Psuty, N., Summary of TCS 9
Wileynski, E., Should We Giv eOcean Incineration a Chance?
McLeod, J.H., Coastal Zone Management Program Evaluation
Shutler, S.K., A Review of the Army Corps of Engineers Regulations in U.S. Waters and and Assessment of Recent Regulatory Changes
Bernd-Cohen, T., Florida's Coastal Program Gets By With a Little Help From Its Friends-The Coastal Advisory Committee
Cottingham, D., Washington Column
H. Neuhauser, Book Review: Neptune's Revenge, the Oceans of Tomorrow (A.W. Simon)
Conner,W.G., Restoration of Habitats Impacted by Oil Spills (John Cairns)
Volume 8 (2) PDF (1.3 MB)
Rootes, R., The Concept of Environmental Mediation
Stewart, S., Ocean Incineration of Hazardous Wastes-A Review of the Regional Issues and Concerns
Hershman, M., The Future of U.S. Harbors
Daniel, J.W., The European Science Foundation
Bigford, T., Washington Column
Volume 8 (1) PDF (1.4 MB)
Year of the Ocean
Barber, M., New NOAA Initiatives in Estuarine and Marine Research
Flanigan, F.H., Choices for the Chesapeake
Stang, P.R., The Next 5-Year Oil and Gas Program
Hildreth, R. & Holt, M., Federal Consistency after Interior v. California
Chapman, D. & Howell, D., Coastal Erosion Management in Australia
Bigford, T., Washington Column
Bigford, T., Book Review: Distant Waters (W.W. Warner)
Miller, V.A., The United States Without the Law of the Sea Treaty: Opportunities and Costs (Proceedings from the Seventh Annual Conference, Center for Ocean Management Studies, URI
1983 Volume 7 (3&4) PDF (1.4 MB)
Fegan, B., Coastweek-The Coastal Connection: Past, Present, and Future
Warner, L.S. & Able, K.W., A Methodology for Delineating Marine Fish Habitat on the Mid-Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf
Planning the Louisianna Expo on an Urban Waterfront
Rote, J.W., The California Coastal Commission-Where it is Going, Where it Has Been
Juda, L., The United States Claim to an Exclusive Economic Zone
Bigford, T., Washington Column
Volume 7(2) PDF (7.4 MB)
McGilvrey, F., Coastal Barrier Resources Act
Titus, J., Sea Level Rise and Barrier Islands
West, N., Coastal Education-A Look Towards the Future
Wright, G., Old Woman Creek National Estuarine Sanctuary-The Early Years
Porro, A.A., Legal Prospectives-Coastal Zone and the Public Trust
Bigford, T., Washington Column
Volume 7(1) PDF (1.3 MB)
Conner, W., Federal Expenditures for Ocean Pollution Research and Monitoring
Fegan, B.Coastweek '83
Sullivan, M., Proposed Wells National Estuarine Sanctuary
Hildreth, R.G., Coastal Zone Consistency
van Teeffelen, W., Management of the Coast in the Netherlands-The End of SOme Common Misconceptions
Bigford, T., Washington Column
Colman, S., Evans, N. & Miller, A.H., Book Review: The Newest Federalism: A New Framework for Coastal Issues (Thomas D. Galloway, ed.)
1982 Volume 6 (3&4) PDF (1.5 MB)
TCS 8 Summary
Harvey, S., Coal Activity in Coastal Regions - A Review of National Issues and Prospects
Savage, W.C., Marine Sanctuary Site Selection - Continuing
Cameron, F.X., Congressional Initiatives in Regulatory Reform
Wick, W.Q., Zoning the Great Barrier Reef: Queensland, Australia
Bigford, T., Washington Column
Volume 6(2) PDF (1.4 MB)
Shutler, S.K., Assimilative Capacity Perspectives
Flanigan, F.H., Citizen's Program for Chesapeake Bay
Savage, W.C., Marine Sanctuary Site Recommendations
Brumburgh, S., Introducing Maryland's Estuarine Sanctuary: Four Sites on the Chesapeake Bay
Breen, A. & Rigby, D., Waterfronts in the 1980s - An Overview
Cameron, F.X., Floating Nuclear Power Plants
Shapiro, H.A., Some Cultural Roots of Coastal Citizen's Movements in Japan
Bigford, T., Washington Column
Owens, D.W., Book Review: California Coastal Access Guide
Faber, P.M., Members' Thoughts and Opinions
Volume 6(1) PDF (1.7 MB)
Changes in Federal Funding - Three Perspectives Revisited
Davidson, M.A., South Carolina Consortium, One Year Later
Rocque, A.J., Is There a Future for Coastal Management Programs?
Tollerton, K.R., The National Sea Grant College Program in Fy 82 and FY 83
Thoenke, K.W., Rookery Bay National Estuarine Sanctuary - From Espectations to Reality to Expectations
Kinsey, D.N., Pauly, N.P., Smith, K. & Norman, T. , Protecting New Jersey's Shore - Four Perspectives (State, Scientific, Local, Legal)
Hildreth, R., Legal Column: The 1981 Amendments to the Marine Mammal Protection Act Bigford, T., Washington Column
McCombs, P., International Column: Coastal Planning in New Zealand
Cottingham, D. & Lee, V., Book Review: Islands, Capes and Sounds: The North Carolina Coast (T.J. Schoenbaum)
Volume 5(4) PDF (1.4 MB)
Summary of TCS Annual Meeting
Duane, D.B., Polymetallic Sulphides: A New Potential Resource of the Deep Sea
Bigford, T., U.S. Marine Fisheries Management Activities in 1981
Martin, M.., Padilla Bay National Estuarine Sanctuary
Harvey, S., Development of the Five Year Plan for OCS Oil and Gas Leasing: Implications of Recent Appeals Court Opinion
Hildreth, R., Legal Column: The 1981 Amendments to the Marine Mammal Protection Act Bigford, T., Washington Column
Members' Thoughts and Opinions
1981 Volume 5 (3) PDF (1.1 MB)
Chakroff, R.P., A Look at Vietnamese Refugee Fishermen: Five Years on the Gulf Coast
Keller, E.C., The Education of the Physically Disables in Coastal Environments
Pennington, H., OTEC and the Coastal States
Cameron, F.X., Legal Column: An Overview of Federal Regulatory Reform Initiatives: Potential Impact on Coastal Zone Management
Bigford, T., Washington Column
Volume 5(1) PDF (2.3 MB)
Armstrong, J.M., South Carolina's Consortium Braves a New World of Funding
Kermond, J.L., The National Sea Grant College Program
Ross, J.F., Coastal Zone Management Under the Reagan Budget
Darnell, R.M., NOAA's New National Marine Sanctuary Program Development Plan
Stang, P.R., Federal Consistency: The "Directly Affecting" Issue
Pearce, J.B. & Lockwood, M., Monitoring the Health of the Northeast Continental Shelf: An Update
Narragansett Bay Estuarine Sanctuary Cameron, F.Z.,Legal Column: Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility Siting: Impact on Coastal Areas
Bigford, T., Washington Column
Parkes, M., International Column - Fraser Estuary Management Plan
Smith, L.B.& Harvey, S., Book Review: America's Coasts in the 80's Policies and Issues (J.C. Myers)
Volume 4(4) PDF (1.4 MB)
Painter, B., Year of the Coast: A Review
Morrison, C., Year of the Coast
Taylor, S.H., Year of the Coast: A Campaign to Build Coastal Consciousness
Giese, G.S., Comments on Shoreline Change
Harris, D. , South Atlantic Live Bottom Reefs
Bigford, T., Fishery Management Plan Activities During 1980 Cameron, F.Z., Legal Column - Boldt II Decision
Bigford, T., Washington Column
Fitzbeck, E.M., International Column - CCMS Pilot Study on Estuarine System Management
Harvey, S., Member Comment - Coastal Zone '80
Allen, J., Book Review: Coastal Dunes: Their Function, Delineation, and Management (P.A. Gares, K.F. Nordstrom, & N.P. Psuty)
Schwartz, M.L., Book Review: From Currituck to Calabash, Living with North Carolina's Barrier Islands (O.H. Pilkey,Jr., W.J. Neal & O.H. Pilkey, Sr.)
1980 Volume 4 (3) PDF (1.03 MB)
Munson, D.A., South Slough Estuarine Sanctuary
Smardon, R.C., Visual Coastal Resources: A Reivew
Hemsley, J.M., Murrells Inlet Weir Jetty System
Cameron, F.X., Legal Column (EEZ and territorial Sea issues)
Bigford, T., Washington Column
Parkes, M., Foreign Column (Environment Canada Shore Zone Program)
Pate, P.P.; Allen, J, & Gates, P.A., Book Review: Barrier Island Handbook (S.F. Leatherman)
Volume 4(2) PDF (.8 MB)
Buck, E., Aquaculture Development in the Coastal Zone-Prospects and Problems
New Coastal Research Center Established at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Young, K., "Waterfront Festivals": Community Impact and Potential" - The 1980 Waterfront Festival Conference
Sapelo Island National Estuarine Sanctuary Sapelo Island, Georgia
Bigford, T., Washington Column
LaRoe, E.T., Book Review: The Outer Shores (ed. by J.W. Hedgpeth)
Scholz, W.S., Book Review: Pollution, Politics, and International Law: Tankers at Sea (M'Gonigle, M. & Zacher, M.W.)
Schwartz, M.L., Book Review: From Currituck to Calabash, Living with North Carolina's Barrier Islands (O.H. Pilkey, Jr.; W.J. Neal & O.H. Pilkey, Sr.)
Volume 4(1) PDF (1.4 MB)
Coastal Zone Management Reauthorization - Alternative Views:
Beinecke, F., Environmental Community
Chamberlin, S.P., Petroleum Industry View
Wright, E. & Klarer, D., Old Woman Creek Estuarine Sanctuary
Leatherman, S., Scientific Input For Barrier Island Management
Garvey, K., The National Flood Insurance Program and Depiction of Hazards on Barrier Islands
Cameron, F.X. , Legal Column - Energy From Marine Plant Biomass
Bigford, T., Washington Column Member's Comment: A Personal View of CZM in the Water and Other Matters
Volume 3(4) PDF (1.2 MB)
Fifth Annual Conference a Success
Hill, J.M., Remote Sensing and the Coastal Zone
Bigford, T., The Status of Fishery Management Plans - An Update
Thoemke, K.W., Rookery Bay, Florida's First National Estuarine Sanctuary
Neuhauser, H. , Estuarine Sanctuaries Workshop
Ross, J.F., The Need for NOAA Organic Legislation Cohen, M., Legal Column - Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act
Bigford, T., Washington Column
State Coastal Zone Management Publications - California
Valencia, M.J., Southeast Asia: Coastal Area Resource Use Conflicts (South China Sea)
Cellineri, L.E., Book Review: Under New Management, Port Growth and Emerging Coastal Management Programs (M. Hershman, et al.)
LaRoe, E.T., Book Review: The Beaches Are Moving (W. Kauffman & O. Pilkey)
1979 Volume 3 (3) PDF (1.1 MB)
1980: Year of the Coast
Baker, E.J., Coastal Ecology and Hazard Mitigation
Sadler, L., Coastal Education Programs
OCS Lands Act Amendments Update
Bigford, T., One Perspective of the Marine Sanctuary Program
Lees, M.R., The Mexican Oil Spill: Scientific Challenges and Opportunities
Fesler, J. & Binder, G., Small Seaports Report
Cameron, F.X., Legal Column (Mexican Oil Spill and transboundary legal tools)
Cowey, A.B., Book Review: Under New Management, Port Growth and Emerging Coastal Management Programs
Bigford, T., Washington Column
Status of State Coastal Zone Management Programs
Volume 3(2) PDF (1.2 MB)
Planning for Predictability in Gray's Harbor: Part II:
Dugan, P, The Case for Planning
Ortman, D.E., Grays Harbor and Coastal Zone Management-What Went Wrong?
Knutson, P.L & Hunt, L.J., Habitat Development Research
Pearce, J.B., Ocean Pulse-A Coastal Environmental Assessment and Monitoring Program
Cohen, W., Delaware Urban Waterfront Planning and Management Project
Georgia Withdraws from CZM Program
State Coastal Zone Management Publications-Rhode Island
Bigford, T., Washington Column
Cameron, F.X. , Legal Column (Tanker Casualties and liability)
Hershman, M.J., Members' Comments (Coastal management and professionalism)
Roy, E.S., Book Review: The Think Edge: Coast and Man in Crisis (A.W. Simon)
Volume 3(1) PDF (.8 MB)
Zenkovich, V.P., Article on The Coastal Society Published in USSR Journal
Dehart, G., Planning for Predictability in Grays Harbor
State Coastal Zone Management Publications-Delaware, Georgia
Bigford, T., Washington Column
Cameron, F.X., Legal Column, Fishery Conservation and Management Act of 1976
Office of Coastal Zone Management, Management by Objectives, Schedule of Estimated Milestones Leading to 306 Grant Awards to States in FY 79
1978 Volume 2 (4) PDF (1.2 MB)
Summary of 4th Annual Meeting of TCS - Coping with the Coast
Haras, W.S., Canada Centre for Inland Waters - Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Sorensen, J. , California Wetlands Workshops
National Coastal Ecosystems Team
Bigford, T., Status of the Fishery Councils and Fishery Management Plans (includes table with fmp schedule for each fishery)
Cameron, F.X., Legal Column (implementation of CZMA)
Bigford, T. & Zinn, J., Washington Column
Status of State Coastal Zone Management Programs
Volume 2(3) PDF (1.1 MB)
Status of Coastal Zone Management Programs
Good, J., Zinn, J.A. & Smutz, M., Regional Chapters for the Coastal Society-Proposed by Law Amendments
Correll, D., Watershed/Estuary Studies of the Rhode River
McGuire, D., New Coastal Information Centers
Detro, R.A., Nicholls State University
Cameron, F.X. , Legal Column (Coastal Zone Management and fishery resources)
Seafood Marketing
Bigford, T., Washington Report
Volume 2(2) PDF (.6 MB)
Coastal Zone 78 Summary
Abood, K.,Profile - Lawler, Matusky & Skelly Engineers
Knutson, P.L., Summary of CERC Research on the Use of Vegetation for Erosion Control
Payne, R., Oil Possible in Deep-Water Areas Off Atlantic Coast
The Coastal Mapping Handbook
Washington Report
Neuhauser, H.,Member Comments
Status of State Coastal Zone Management Programs
Volume 2(1) PDF (.4 MB)
LaRoe, E.T., Editorial, Maintaining a Balance
1977 Annual Meeting
Higgins, C.,Profile - California Coastal Commission
Savage, T. , Book Review: Coastal Ecosystem Management. A Technical Manual for Conservation of Coastal Zone Resources (J.R. Clark)
1977 Volume 1 (3&4) PDF (.4 MB)
Good, J.W., The Columbia River Estuary Study Taskforce
Holton, R.L. , The Oregon Estuarine Research Council
Zinn, D., Chatham Outer Coast Study
1976 Volume 1 (2) PDF (.6 MB)
LaRoe, E.T., Editorial: Simple Goals, Complex Task
Carroll, J.E., Courts and Coastal Wetlands
Hedgpeth, J.W. & Obrebski, S., Ecosystem Models and Resource Management
Schwartz, M.L., Black Sea Symposium on the Dynamics of Shore Erosion
Volume 1 (1) PDF (.2 MB)
First Annual Conference Outstanding Success
Membership Report/Analysis of Membership
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